Full-Service Miami Video Production Company serving all ofSouth Florida.

Canvas Films

Video Production Services

PRODUCTION | Canvas Films works with all formats including film, 4K digital cinema & HD. Our experienced South Florida crews can manage any project, any size.

 POST PRODUCTION | Canvas Films offers all your needed post production services. From editing to 3D animation to final color correction we have the talent and equipment to meet your needs.

STUDIO | We feature a full service film, video and photography production studio. With over 2500 square feet on space including a 25×30 pre lit whit cyc and seamless green screen inserts our facility is prepared for any production.

Greyson International – Corporate Sales Video


AT&T – Uverse On-Line Commercials


SonoBello – Trisculpt Infomercial


Granite Transformations – Sanctuary


2 Live Crew – Take It Off

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Address | 817 NE 4th Ave • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Phone | 954-767-8766
Email | info@canvasfilms.com

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